About the Company

In 1997, while managing a cellular store in Muskogee, OK, I decided that we could benefit from having a web site. Customers would call in ask about our coverage area and it was quite difficult to explain a coverage map over the phone. I talked to our corporate office about the idea of a web site, but the web was new and they didn't really want to spend the money to have it built. I then asked if they would mind if I tried to build it....and so it began...

At the time, we had three locations and after seeing what I had built for our business, the tanning salon located next door to our Tulsa location asked if I would build a site for him. After that site was built, word of mouth started to kick in and what was meant to be a nice little hobby quickly became a part time business. Orbit Computers was born. The animation above was one that we ran at the bottom of the sites we built to let people know who we were and what we could do.

This original business not only did web design, but sold computers as well. I handled the web design and my buddy Pete built the computers. With a little persuasion, I convinced Pete to let the computers go so that we could concentrate on web design. As the computer side of the business faded, it didn't make sense to be Orbit Computers anymore and in May of 2000, Tulsa Find It, Inc. was born. By now, we had a few developers that we worked with on an "as needed" basis as well as a couple graphics designers that pitched in from time to time. We were a full service web design company by now and ran TulsaFindIt.com and Muskogee.com as local search engines for the two communities that helped us become who we are today. These two sites offer free classified ads, an event calendar and a search engine that only lists local businesses in an ongoing effort to keep local dollars local.

By November of 2002, the work load had increased to the point that it was time to let go of the idea of keeping my day job and I have been a full time web designer ever since!

Almost from the beginning, clients would refer to me as Jack the web guy because they, like almost everyone I meet...hahaha...have trouble pronouncing my last name (Antinore). The more time that went by and the more clients that I came in contact with, the more people remembered me as Jack the web guy. I even started leaving messages for some of my clients as Jack the web guy because I knew that they would know for sure who I was that way.

When I would direct new potential clients to the Tulsa Find It web site, I would have to explain how to get to the web design section of the site or the client list because the bulk of the site was geared toward the search engine side of things.

With those two things in mind, I decided that I should just let the TulsaFindIt.com web site remain the local search engine and build a new site, you guessed it...JacktheWebGuy.com to run the web design side of things.

And that is the short story of how you ended up here, on this page...
After moving to Arizona and working with Google for a couple years, I have ended up in Chattanooga, TN working in the Automotive Industry. I still take care of a few long term clients as well as helping folks optimize their online reputation and social media efforts.

Hope you enjoyed learning how we came to be!

Jack "the web guy"